Airline Catering

Airline catering demands strict adherence to quality as well as safety standards. We have systems put in place to ensure that we adhere to standards set by Airlines as well as those put in place by International Travel Caterers Association to which we are a member.

We strive to reach out to all customer tastes and needs hence we have a working relationship with the Halaal department who have certified our food to be totally Halaal

Feedback from the airlines as well as the passengers on the planes indicate that we provide high quality food that can find a place among the best food provided by airline catering in the region.

South African Airways

We serve hot lunch on all South African Airways planes flying out of Chileka Airport.
Our food quality is so good that some passengers believe that the food is prepared in South Africa
South African Airways has even indicated that our food taste and quality is better than that provided by most caterers in the region

South African Airways regularly send their staff to audit the quality of the food as well as our preparation premises (kitchen) to make sure that we adhere  to the international standards. In all the audits conducted we have been rated  excellent in our performance.


Unlike scheduled flights where the meal specifications are well known and agreed in advance in catering for charter flights the notice is much shorter and the specifications are different on each flight. Catering for such flights demands lots of skill, innovation and professionalism

We have successfully catered for planes carrying sports teams, bus travelers and some distinguished individuals with international recognition.